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Before my education in piano technology, I played piano from grade school through two years of college. I got to the point where I was playing advanced music, but realized that playing piano was not my calling.

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During my two years of college music, I upgraded my spinet piano to an upright.  When I had a local piano technician come over to work on the piano, I realized that the profession included music, woodworking and being able to work for my self.  These three things were compelling - that is when I started to seek the best education I could find in the field of piano technology.

Formal Education in Piano Technology

In 1980 I looked for the best training curriculum for piano technology in the country.  This led me to the North Bennet St. School in Boston. I completed the most comprehensive two-year program, passed all the tests, and was awarded their highest level of certification – Craftsman. When I returned to the Northwest in 1983 I was hired within a month of arriving by Moe’s pianos.   I worked for Moe’s for several years until my private clientele grew large enough for me to work completely for myself.  I was also the head technician for Lewis and Clark College for approximately 4 years in the late 1980s. Currently I’ve had over 30 plus years of experience in the area of piano tuning, repair and rebuilding.

The Piano Santa Foundation

In the early 1990s, I started a charity organization called The Piano Santa Foundation. My goal was to help young students gain access to pianos, teachers and performance opportunities.  I realized how much of a benefit music had been in my life and since music was disappearing from the schools, I thought who better to help than people like myself - piano technicians.


As someone that rebuilds and sells pianos on the side, I wanted to gift one piano a year to a worthy student.  I hoped that within 30 years, I would have gifted 30 pianos.  With the help of many wonderful volunteers, we evolved the idea into a program and helped more than a 100 before I retired from the organization - and the organization continues on today.


I was deeply honored as the founder of The Piano Santa Foundation to receive an award for 20 years of service. See article

piano tuner Mark voicing a grand piano


My interest in photography began in junior high school – where I had the opportunity to work in the developing of film and prints.  I purchased my own equipment so I could spend more time in the darkroom  I then got one of my first jobs in a camera store. 

piano tuner Mark Mention voicing a grand piano

I continued to work in camera stores - both to feed my passion and make a little extra money. Music took the lead as my occupation, but when digital photography came along, I began my re-entry efforts into the world of digital photography. After sharing some of my best photographs, several people started to purchase the prints and cards. I have been urged to continue offering my prints and cards a wider audience. My older brother Dave Mention, also has an interest in photography and has been inspirational and helpful along the way.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them.

- Mark Mention


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