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Piano Tuning - $120.00

Rates are $120.00 in the Portland area. Additional fee for travel outside of that area. .

To schedule an appointment, call 503-245-4755 or email piano@markmention.com. When sending an email or leaving a message, please indicate whether you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment.

Regular Piano Maintenance

Regular piano maintenance includes cleaning the piano's interior, adjusting notes to feel and perform at their peek level.


Mark adjusting piano hammers

Tuning and voicing to keep the sound even so that a player can perform more nuanced music. Occasional repairs and exterior case touch-up are also part of regular maintenance. If you prefer not to do it yourself, key cleaning and piano dusting are other services available.

Piano Regulation

This process adjusts the responsiveness and the feel of the piano for peak performance. This should be followed up by a voicing service.

Piano Appraisals

An appraisal requires putting value on a piano, which can be important for insurance sales/purchase purposes. Mark's background in appraisals comes from specific appraisal training, and purchase and sales work in the Portland metro area for over 30 years.

Piano Voicing

Voicing is essentially changing and evening out the tone of the piano hammers. Tuning has to do with pitch, while voicing adjusts the brightness or softness of the individual notes.

Mark voicing a grand piano

Best Pricing

The best way to save money on your piano tuning, repairs and general maintenance is to combine as many services in one trip as possible. It is very helpful if the customer is able to fully explain the problem. If you want to schedule more than just a tuning , be sure to mention that at the time you make the appointment.

an upright piano opened up for cleaning

If you are in a difficult financial situation and a small discount may make the difference between getting the piano serviced or not, we would be glad to consider a discount. Please write to Mark Mention at P.O. Box 80173 Portland, OR 97280 and help us understand your situation.

Piano Repairs

Repair charges are estimated for each job. Typical repairs include notes that don't work, squeaky pedals, and dampers that don't function properly. When requesting repairs, please provide any specific notes that have the problem. It is also helpful to know if the problem happens all the time or intermittently.

Mark voicing a grand piano

Piano Cleaning

Pricing is dependent on the level of detailed cleaning requested. Call or email piano@markmention.com for more information.

A Kimball upright piano


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