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Mark's customers say he is a "Superb Piano Technician",
"Conscientious", "Professional" and "Personable". Read below for more.

NOTE:  we’ve include some samples of Mark’s fine art photography below for your enjoyment. 

Carol B.

As a professional pianist and college professor, it has been vital to have a qualified piano tuner whom I value and trust. I have been lucky to find that in Mark Mention and have been both using his services regularly for over 20 years, and recommending him to my students.

Nikki B.

Mark serviced and tuned our 1900s upright cabinet piano that is beat up and loved literally to death. He was careful and considerate of the condition of the piano yet gave it a thorough work up and tuning. He was honest about the issues we would have with the piano and how best to resolve or at lease deal with them until we can get a newer piano. Mark was kind and easy to deal with. He even gave my piano playing kids a mini-lesson in the history of the piano and showed them how it works. I will definitely use him again to tune any piano we have in the future.


Barbara P.

Mark Mention is an outstanding piano technician who has serviced my Steinway for 13 years. On the first appointment, there was considerable work to be done because it had been stored for some time preceding a move. But after just one follow-up, the piano was in optimum condition again. I continue to be amazed at how quickly he completes the job while being thorough at the same time. And although Mark has been in business for many years, he still shows enthusiasm for his work.

Mark is a very caring person who has generously given his time and talents to various organizations and independent projects. He is the founder of a non-profit, The Piano Santa Foundation, which I regard as a special gift to the community.



Terri M.

Mark has been taking care of my Charles Walter grand for over 10 years - and my Boston upright before that. He always treats it with the utmoust care. I can't imagine having anyone else work on my piano.


Sue Y.

Mark is a superb piano technician.  Not only are we very happy with his tuning over the last ten years, but he was able to fix the sostenuto pedal on our 1915 Kurtzmann grand when parts were unavailable. Mark always gives us good advice regarding care of our piano and takes the time to get things right.  He is well organized and prompt and very personable.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a good piano technician.

Dana R.

Mark has tuned and cleaned our grand piano for 8 years and is extremely conscientious and professional. He also helped me purchase our piano (he was recommended to me by my child's piano teacher). My neighbor uses Mark for her piano as well and raves about him. Mark is not only and excellent piano tuner, but is such a pleasure to have in our home every six months.

Margie C.

Mark Mention has provided excellent piano service for about 15 years, ever since my daughter began music lessons at a young age.  His expertise in his field and warm professionalism, speak volumes about his personal integrity.    Mark’s piano brokerage services were also highly beneficial in determining the value of our piano when we considered a new instrument purchase.  I cannot recommend him highly enough for piano tuning, services and help buying or selling pianos.  


In addition Mark's volunteering shows support and care for our community.  As a volunteer coordinator for two organizations that serve marginalized women, Mark has helped through both direct donations and donating his services.  In one recent event Mark generously donated professional quality photography and some wonderful framed hummingbird prints for the silent auction.  His skills were a valuable asset to the success of the fundraisers. 

Mark has also supported rehabilitation programs for women in Africa that suffer violence and abuse. Since he founded and devloped a small music non-profit here in Portland, his expertise and direct financial support have been very beneficial.




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