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A Chickering Grand Piano for Sale for $4500.00

Client piano

Chickering Grand - $4500

This piano would be good for someone who has always wanted a baby grand. Someone interested in conservatory practice might be better suited with a newer and more expensive instrument.

Chickering piano for sale

The hammers have been replaced and have good life left in them.

Chickering piano for sale

Smart shopper selects
technician's choice:

"I was in the market for a used piano and was introduced to Mark as he tunes and brokers pianos. Although I am pretty good at buying and selling things on Craigslist and other sites, I knew that the assistance of someone knowledgeable and honest was needed to guide me in this purchase.

Mark provided a couple of options in that I could look at all the normal sources of pre-owned pianos and use him to inspect any before purchasing or else I could take a look at what he had available at his shop.

As it turned out, Mark had a really nice Baldwin piano that not only fit the decor of my home, but was priced within my budget. Mark had cleaned, regulated, and tuned the piano, so I felt comfortable in knowing its condition - and confident that it was a quality piece.

Once the piano had settled into its new home, an additional tuning was included with the purchase price. My son, who is in the music industry, happened to be home at the time and enjoyed watching and learning that process. Mark even gave him the opportunity to tune a couple of notes.

I recommend Mark highly - he is skilled, a pleasure to have over, and a true asset to our community. - Susan F.


While talking with Mark, I became aware of a great group that he helps - the organization supports underserved children through NW Family Services. Specifically, they get clothes and needed items to children that have incarcerated parents.  This organization makes such a difference in the lives of these children that now I’m helping too.  For more information you can visit their website or call 503.320.0789 and ask for Patti.


Fischer Console & Bench - $1,250

Good starter piano with oak case.

Steinway Grand Piano for sale

Client piano

American Classic Baldwin Grand Piano

This nine foot concert grand was built in 1934. Pianos of this era were handmade by skilled craftsmen and are of the highest quality. The quality of this instrument is evident in its rich tone. Its responsive touch can articulate a very nuanced sound. Contact Mark for more information.

Steinway piano for sale

New bass strings add to the fullness of the lower register. The original ivory keyboard is in excellent condition. This piano was originally purchased by KGW TV studios for their live music broadcasts. The piano action is original and was not used for many years after the studio started using prerecorded music. It was refinished about 15 years ago and has a few minor marks, but overall the black satin finish is in good condition.

Baldwin piano for sale


Mark's brokering services helped Valerie find 3 different pianos:

"As a piano teacher and church musician, I have benefitted from Mark Mention’s piano brokering services.  My home studio teaching piano was a Kohler Campbell studio that I wanted to trade. Mark kept his eye out for a newer piano that had a better tone.  He helped me understand that for about $1,200 I could make a significant upgrade of my teaching instrument to a 10-year-old Yamaha piano he had for sale. Even my students love the change!

At the church I work for we had a Young Chang studio piano that just wasn’t serving the needs of the congregation.  Our worship leader enlisted Mark’s help and he found a really nice grand piano, good quality, in good shape for a great price.

Finally, the church I attend had a spinet piano that was a workable instrument but needed consistent attention.  Mark helped us find a very inexpensive older grand piano that was a great upgrade from the spinet.  We hired him to clean up the grand, attach some ivories, and give it the attention it needed. I love playing that grand piano; it is a wonderful addition to our church services.  

Mark was never pushy and very ably informs so that you can make the right decision.  I highly recommend Mark’s brokering service if you are looking for a piano. " - Valerie B.


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